Ship Manager Information

Oceanlink have been involved in supplying the world's merchant fleets with quality services for a number of years - most well known for the daily regional news bulletins.

Most communication service providers offer crew calling, email and other facilities which help reduce the feeling of isolation onboard during lengthy tours of duty.

One of the biggest problems for a ship manager in keeping their crew happy is to reduce that feeling of isolation onboard.

Back in the old days, there was no option apart from the odd letter or listening to the shortwave radio if communication was possible.

However, with the general acceptance of email, combined with the reduction in costs of Inmarsat communication, most ships have the ability to receive news from home. Nothing helps so much as being able to read about local news, business and the important sports results. It is not just a 'nice' thing to offer, but genuinely helps to bring the crew closer to home, and assists in crew retention. Offering a crew news service is therefore both a simple welfare benefit and makes financial sense in assisting in retaining trained crew.

We tailor our news to the crews needs, making changes based on comments fed back from the ships.

For the ship manager or crew manager we can offer flexible packages to suit all.

  • Individual billing for each ship if required
  • No lengthy contracts
  • No office involvement (unless you want to) - we handle all updates and ship administration
  • Ships can swap and change editions freely at any time
  • No special software required onboard - minimises possible support issues on ship's IT equipment
  • All files optimized for minimum transmission size for cost effective sending via Inmarsat
  • No spamming of the ship
  • Fleet or individual rates are available
  • Free trials always available

Put simply, we do all the work. There is no need for the manager to get directly involved with the service. We liaise with the ships and provide feedback where necessary. Thousands of existing seafarers are daily getting news from home - let your crews join them !

Contact us for a tailor made solution for your fleet requirements.