Crew Information

Individual or fleet account?

We understand that some companies will not want to pay for the service on a fleet-wide basis, and can thus offer an individual crew member onboard to sign up to receive news, and pay for it via their credit card.

The Master, or other individual can elect to pay for the service and then claim back costs either through the onboard welfare account, communications costs or simply by other crew paying a portion.

We do not tie you into any contract - you simply pay each month, and if you are going on leave, arrange for another crew member, or on-signer to pay instead. We will always contact you to confirm your credit card authorization - and will never debit your account unless confirmation is received. Your confidence in us is vital to ensure an effective service.

You can sign up for a free trial - usually a month, to see if it is suited to your needs. If, at the end you do not want to continue, no problem, and there is no charge. However, we feel that most crew onboard will appreciate getting the local news, and existing customers are very quick in letting us know if the news has not been received at the normal time.

Free trials - always available - email with your required editions to activate.

All major credit cards accepted

Suitable for reception via Inmarsat Fleet, B / M, Mini-M Iridium, GSM.

File formats available include Word, text, PDF, RSS.

Optimised for Inmarsat transmission - no unnecessary pictures/graphics to increase file size.